Less is more when cleaning Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl Composite Tile CleaningLess is more when it comes to cleaning and keeping the shine on Vinyl Composition Tile in the retail store environment.

  1. Have walk off mats at all entrances to the store. Vacuum the mats daily.

  3. Dust mop the store at least once during the day as well at closing. Dust, dirt, etc. can dull the appearance of the floor when walked on. So continued dust mopping, will help keep the floor cleaner between floor care visits.

  5. Spot mop the heavy traffic and dirtier areas daily. Make sure the mop used, has been thoroughly cleaned out, before every use. Fill a mop bucket with 2 gallons of water and 1 oz of Neutral Cleaner. That’s a mixture of ½ oz per gallon or a 256: 1 ratio of water to cleaner. If you do not have neutral cleaner, just use plain water to mop the floor. Dip the mop into the bucket of very clean water and neutral cleaner. Wring it out tightly. After removing the dirty spots from the area, dip the mop back into the bucket of very clean water, wring it out tightly and continue mopping. Once the water appears dirty, spill it out and refill with clean water and neutral cleaner and continue mopping.

  7. When finished mopping, spill out the dirty water, fill the bucket with clean water. Do not add cleaner at this point. Let the mop soak in the bucket for a minimum of 2 minutes, swishing the mop up and down in the bucket to give it cleaning agitation. When finished, wring out the mop tight and hang up to dry. Pour the dirty water out of the bucket.

  9. Please keep the mop sink area clean. If you do not have neutral cleaner, just use plain water to mop the floor. Do not use, bleach, pine-sol, Windex, degreaser type cleaners on the floor. These will leave a film on the floor, attract dirt, and dull the floor finish. If you have a back stock room or restaurant kitchen, If possible have a separate mop for cleaning up the back areas and the front sales areas.

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